Total Rewards Statement

USG Total Rewards Statement

The value of working for USG extends far beyond a paycheck and these personalized statements detail the employee compensation, healthcare and voluntary insurance benefits, the employer contributions, and other work-life benefits.  

What's included?

Base Pay

  • Your current annualized pay

Additional Compensation (12 month look back)

  • Supplemental pay- includes, but not limited to, summer pay and overloads.
  • Other pay - includes but not limited to, overtime, shift differential, awards and inventive pay.

Health and Insurance Benefits

  • Includes healthcare plan, dental, vision and voluntary plans such as employee supplemental, spouse, and child life.


  • Defined Pension Plan - Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS) or Employee's Retirement System of Georgia (ERS- for vested members)
  • Defined Contribution Plan - Option Retirement Plan (ORP)

By clicking on the sections below, you'll find information to help you better understand each part of your statement.  

  • Your Total Compensation

    This section includes your Base Pay.  This amount is your current annualized pay. 

    Eligible positions may qualify for Additional Compensation like Supplemental or Other Pay. Supplemental pay includes, but is not limited to, summer pay and overloads.  Other Pay includes, but is not limited to, overtime, shift differential, awards and incentive pay. (12 month look back)

    If you have questions regarding your total compensation, please discuss with your direct supervisor.

  • Health Insurance & Other Benefits

    Here you will see the cost details for your current insurance benefits. This includes the annualized amount that you pay for each benefit and the amount that the USG contributes to certain eligible benefits (including healthcare, basic life, and Health Savings Accounts).

  • Retirement Benefits

    In this section of your statement, you will find the year to date contributions into your mandatory USG retirement plan. 

    For TRS/ORP your mandatory employee contribution is currently a fixed 6% which is deducted from your pay pre-tax. The USG contributes to your mandatory retirement plan each pay period.

    The USG contribution amount is based on the plan in which you are enrolled. For those employees enrolled in the TRS plan, USG’s contribution is 19.98%. If you are enrolled in ORP, the USG contribution is 9.24%.

    You will also see your year to date contributions in your supplemental retirement plan, if applicable. 

    To check your retirement plan balance(s), you must contact the vendor directly.

    Medicare and Social Security costs are estimated using your Base Pay.

  • Supplemental Retirement Contributions

    USG’s supplemental retirement plans offer opportunities to increase your savings for retirement. If you are currently enrolled, you will find your per pay period contributions in these plans.  

    You can decide if you want to participate, how much to defer (up to the IRS limits) via payroll deductions and how to invest. If you would like to save more than the required 6%, you can elect to contribute to one or more voluntary savings plans. Please note there is no USG contribution match to these plans.

    For more information on these plans, please visit the USG Retirement website.

  • Protecting Your Income

    The USG also provides ways for you to protect your income as part of your Total Rewards.  In addition to providing Basic Life Insurance at no cost to you, the USG offers other voluntary benefits designed to provide income protection and peace of mind for you and your family. 

    If you are enrolled in any of these plans you will see your current amount of elected coverage or the amount of coverage provided.

  • Work/Life Benefits

    In this section of your statement, you will see the additional benefits that can supplement your income when you experience unexpected events such as an accident, newly diagnosed illness or legal issue. 

    If you are enrolled in any of these plans, you will see confirmation that you are enrolled. 

  • Annual Leave

    USG’s Sick Leave includes an accrual of 8 sick leave hours per month.

    USG's Vacation Leave accrual is as follows:

    • 10 hours for each of the first five (5) years of continuous employment
    •  12 hours for each of the next five (5) years of continuous employment
    •  14 hours for each year after the completion of ten (10) years of continuous employment. 

    A full-time faculty member employed on a twelve (12) month or fiscal year basis shall be entitled to vacation/annual leave earned at the rate of 14 hours per month.

    Additionally, the USG offers 13 paid holidays and 8 hours of education support leave. Eligible employees may also request 120 hours of Paid Parental Leave, up to 480 hours of Family Medical Leave, and up to 144 hours of military leave.

    USG also offers employees the opportunity to contribute some of their unused sick leave hours to a shared sick leave program during Open Enrollment.

    You can check your leave balance by logging into OneUSG Connect. 

  • Who to contact

    Compensation Questions - Contact The Shared Services Center at 1-877-251-2644


    Benefit Enrollment Questions - Contact OneUSG Connect – Benefits at 1-844-587-4236 or  login at 


    Campus Specific Programs - Contact your campus HR/Benefits Department