Getting in Focus

Having regular vision appointments is important to manage more than your eye health.

USG vision coverage is available through EyeMed. Newly enrolled members will receive an EyeMed ID card. Presenting your ID card (or other personal information) at the time of your visit is the fastest way for your vision provider to verify your benefits. Make the most of your plan by using in-network providers and retailers. To find an in-network provider or take advantage of applicable discount programs, log into your EyeMed account

2024 EyeMed coverage (12-month period)

Benefit DescriptionBenefit Amount
NetworkInsight and Plus Provider Network
Exam In-network: $10 copay*
Out-of-network: Up to $40 reimbursement

Single vision lens: $25 copay

Standard lens: $80 copay


Single vision: Up to $40 reimbursement
Bifocal: Up to $55 reimbursement
Trifocal:  Up to $75 reimbursement
Lenticular:  Up to $90 reimbursement

Frames contributionIn-network: $150 allowance; up to 20% off balance over allowance*
Out-of-network: Up to $58 reimbursement
Conventional contact lenses In-network: $150 allowance; 15% off balance over allowance
Out-of-network: Up to $130 reimbursement
Disposable contact lensesIn-network: $150 allowance
Out-of-network: Up to $130 reimbursement
Medically necessary contact lensesIn-network: Paid in full
Out-of-network: Up to $210 reimbursement

*If you use a Plus Provider, you will have a $0 eye exam copay and an additional $50 frame allowance.

Hearing exam and aid discount

EyeMed members can receive 40% off hearing exams at thousands of nationwide locations, and discounts and set pricing on hearing aids. Learn more. 

Coverage costs

Find the monthly rates on the Employee Premiums page. Access your personal coverage costs for plans you’re enrolled in on OneUSG Connect. For additional detail about how coverage works for specific services, see your plan documents

Estimate your Out-of-Pocket costs

With EyeMed's Know, before you go out-of-pocket cost estimator, you can get a feel for what you might pay before you even step foot into a store or doctor’s office. The tool includes simple, clear definitions of common lens types and options, all while calculating a range of costs with each selection. So you can feel confident from check-in to check-out. Just log in to your member account at and find our Know Before You Go, out-of-pocket cost estimator.