Discounts and Services

Exclusive Money-Saving Programs

Discounts, convenience services and voluntary insurance programs from USG benefit partners can help you save money on things that matter to you. Also, many offer cash benefits for getting wellness exams.

USG Perks at Work

USG employees and their families can take advantage of the savings offered through USG Perks at Work.

  • Ways to Save

    No matter what area of your life you’re looking to save money in, Perks at Work has discounts and services available for you.

    Your Health Take advantage of health discounts on gyms, fitness equipment, healthy eating, sportswear, workout apps, mental well-being apps and online resources and more.
    Your Family Spend less time searching and more time enjoying fun perks with your family, from theme parks to vacations. Special offers are available for working parents, as well as food preparation and delivery services.
    Your Home and Car Save time and money on everything you need to buy, large or small. Things like electronics and items for your home and car (even the car itself!). At tax time, save on tax preparation services.
    Your Knowledge Through Perks at Work you can access programs and talks by thought leaders that can help you grow personally and professionally. Community Online Academy (COA) offers 100+ FREE live courses every Thursday for kids and adults, focused on fitness, learning and fun. If you miss a live session, you can watch the class later.
  • Community Online Academy

    Perks at Work also offers free on-demand classes and resources for both adults and children that focus on a variety of topics such as fitness, mental well-being, learning and activities for kids.

    • Kids Club is a flexible online after school program designed for kids. This program offers live classes five days a week taught by instructors as well as other kids, plus activities, contests and more! Topics range from hip hop dance and LEGO to science at home, Fortnite, yoga, basketball and more! Attend as many or as few classes as works for your family each week.

    In addition to discounts and on-demand classes, choose from over 40 different “live” classes every Thursday to relax, get fit or learn something new. 

  • Start Using Perks at Work Today

    Perks at Work is a purchasing site that becomes tailored to you, the more you use it. When you shop, create a profile or provide feedback, it will help you find the perks that matter to you. Register and start earning “WOW Points” today.

    • To access your account, visit If you are a first-time user, click Sign Up for Free and follow the instructions on screen. This site is also mobile friendly so you can take it on the go.
    • Earn WOW Points by shopping with a participating merchant on the site. The more WOW Points you earn, the more you can save by earning additional discounts.
    • As an added benefit, you can invite up to five family members to participate.
    • If you have questions, from the website you can access the Help Center for assistance, or click Contact Us for help logging in.

Other Discounts 

  • Critical Illness and Accident Plan Health Screening Benefit

    Employees enrolled in the Aflac Critical Illness or Accident Plan, can receive a $50 credit payable for health screening tests performed as the result of preventive care.

  • Team Georgia at Work

    In addition to discounts offered through Perks at Work, as a state employee, you can also get discounts on tickets to sporting events, concerts and tourist attractions, insurance, hotels, electronics and computers through Team Georgia at Work.  

  • Group Life Insurance Features and Benefits

    In addition to paying a benefit in the event of your death, the USG supplemental life insurance plan offers other important features: 

    Waiver of PremiumIf you become totally disabled before age 60, your life insurance premiums can be waived.
    Accelerated Death BenefitIf you become terminally ill with a life expectancy of 12 months or less, you can request early payment of up to 80% of the life insurance amount, up to a maximum of $1,000,000. 
    Grief CounselingProvides you and your dependents in-person or telephone sessions with a grief counselor.
    Continuation of Coverage

    If you are no longer eligible for coverage as an active employee, you may be able to:  

    • Continue your Basic, Supplemental and Dependent Term Life coverage without underwriting. Premiums remain the same as when you were an active employee, but you will pay the carrier directly (this portability ends at age 70), or
    • Convert this coverage to an individual life insurance policy. Premiums may be higher than those paid by active employees.

    If you are enrolled in a  life insurance plan with MetLife, you also receive these additional benefits. To learn more access MyBenefits.

    Travel Assistance

    Travel with confidence. You have access healthcare, travel and concierge services 24/7 while traveling domestically or internationally. 

    Contact AXA to coordinate emergency medical and travel assistance services wherever you are in the world. 

    Learn more about your Travel Assistance benefit.

    Will Preparation

    Work one-on-one with an attorney, in person or on the phone, to prepare or update a will, living will or Power of Attorney (POA). Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can complete these documents yourself by using the MetLife Advantage online will preparation services. 

    This service is available for you and your spouse at no additional cost when you use a MetLife Legal Plans attorney. 

    Funeral Discount and Planning ServicesPre-plan customized funeral arrangements with a counselor and receive discounts on funeral services. 
    Estate Resolution Services

    Executors or administrators may receive legal assistance with probating your and your spouse’s/domestic partner’s estates. 

    Beneficiaries can also consult an attorney about the probate process.

    Digital Legacy

    MetLife Infinity securely stores deeds, wills, executor instructions, audio files, photos, videos and more. 

    You can designate individuals to receive your collection electronically in the event of your death or at another time you indicate.