Optional Retirement Plan (ORP)

Saving for Your Retirement

You and USG both contribute to the ORP. Your account balance grows through these contributions, plus earnings on your balances. You choose how to invest your ORP account balances.

If you’re an exempt or salaried employee working 20 or more hours per week, you can choose to enroll in the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). 

If you don’t enroll in the ORP within your first 60 days of employment with USG, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) Plan.

How the ORP Works

The ORP is a 401(a) defined contribution plan. Your account balance is based upon contributions from you and USG, plus accumulated earnings. You select your investment elections and can manage those elections within your selected vendor’s platform. To learn more, review the following Plan at a Glance information and the ORP Retirement Enrollment Guide. 

  • Plan At a Glance

    You and USG contribute to your ORP account. 

    • You: 6% of your pre-tax compensation (mandatory)
    • USG: 9.24% of your pre-tax compensation for calendar year 2024
    VestingYou are immediately 100% vested in both your contributions and USG’s contributions (you retain immediate ownership interest).
    Loans Not permitted
    Hardships or emergency withdrawalsNot permitted

    You can select from a menu of investments from three approved retirement plan providers: Corebridge Financial (formerly AIG Retirement Services), Fidelity or TIAA. 

    Each provider offers a wide array of investment options, interactive financial planning tools and high-quality customer service. Learn more.

    To learn more about your investment options, go to OneUsgConnect.  Click Research Your Investments within Retirement@Work.

    Disability benefitsUpon separation from service
    • You can begin receiving penalty-free distributions if you’re at least age 55 and are no longer working for USG.
    • You can elect to receive your benefits in installments as a lump sum or as monthly payments.
    • Withdrawals could occur due to termination of employment, death and/or retirement.

    In the event of your death, your entire account will be paid to your designated beneficiary.


    If you leave USG, you have these options: 

    • Leave your plan balance with your retirement plan provider,
    • Roll over your balance to another qualified plan or IRA, or
    • Request a lump-sum distribution (tax penalties may apply).

    Transfers into the plan are not allowed.

See how the ORP compares to the TRS Plan.

Financial Coaching and Retirement Advice

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors,  an independent financial advisory firm, can help to select the retirement plan that is right for you and provides dedicated investment advisory sessions to help you address financial concerns, improve your financial wellness and reach retirement goals. There’s no cost to you — it’s part of your USG benefits package. 

Schedule an appointment with CAPTRUST online or call 1-800-967-9948

Check out the variety of events and webinars USG offers.

How to Enroll

Enroll at, click the Retirement@Work link in the Manage My Benefits section, and follow the prompts to complete your enrollment.

If you do not enroll in ORP through the OneUSG Connect - Benefits website during your first 60 days of employment, you will be automatically enrolled in the Teachers Retirement System (TRS) Plan. Your retirement selection must be made within 60 days of eligibility or you will default into the TRS plan retroactively to your date of hire or eligibility. Retirement elections are irrevocable.

When you enroll in ORP, you’ll need to select the retirement plan provider(s) to which you’d like to contribute: Corebridge Financial (formerly AIG Retirement Services), Fidelity and/or TIAA). You’ll also need to choose your investment allocations with each provider and select your beneficiaries.

You can find detailed enrollment instructions in this ORP Retirement Enrollment Guide

Choosing your ORP administrator

Ready to get started? When you enroll in ORP you can select providers and link to their websites to select your investments. You can also contact your chosen provider directly for answers to questions or to schedule an individual advice session using the information below. Be sure to have your financial account statements handy (including statements for retirement investments outside of your USG retirement plans) and your most recent Social Security statement, if available.

  • Corebridge Financial (formerly AIG Retirement Services)

    Formerly known as AIG Retirement Services, Corebridge Financial is now a public company that's passionate about giving people the power to help reach their financial goals. We offer industry-leading tools, engaging experiences, and expertise to fuel your success. We deliver an expansive portfolio of products to serve your unique needs. And we proudly partner with financial professionals and institutions to make it possible for more people to take action in their financial lives for today and tomorrow. At Corebridge, we believe no one achieves a financially secure future by accident - great things happen when people take action.


    By phone: 1-888-569-7055, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time

    For confidential individual sessions, make an appointment:

    Visit to schedule an appointment with a financial professional virtually via telephone, FaceTime or Microsoft Teams.

  • Fidelity Investments®

    Fidelity Investments can help you create the future you want for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you're new to investing or an experienced trader, we offer the investing and advice options you’re looking for to help you on your way. 


    By phone: 1-800-343-0860, weekdays, 8 a.m. to midnight Eastern time

    For confidential individual sessions, make an appointment:


    By phone: Call 1-800-642-7131, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time.

  • TIAA

    TIAA is here to help you pursue your financial goals and build lifelong financial confidence — not just in retirement. That’s why we’ve gathered advice and education in one place, so you can start getting answers to the financial questions that are important to you.


    By phone: 1-844-230-7524, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern time

    For confidential individual sessions, make an appointment:


    By phone: Call 1-800-732-8353, weekdays, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern time

  • More About Your Brokerage Options

    For experienced investors seeking maximum flexibility, USG offers a self-directed brokerage option that allows you to select from a wide array of mutual funds, individual stocks and Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for employee contributions. The self-directed brokerage options vary by plan and retirement plan provider, so be sure to check with the retirement plan provider that you select to learn what investment options are available. You can use this feature to add diversification above and beyond USG’s core investment offerings.

    Review these brokerage guides: