FMLA: Health Insurance

Whether utilizing paid or unpaid time, employees may continue their insurance benefits during FMLA leave by paying their portion of the premiums. Below is an example of how FMLA can impact the payment of your health care premium.


University System contribution

The portion of your health insurance cost the University System pays as a benefit for you


The portion of your health insurance cost you are required to pay after the University System’s contribution


You have missed work and have been in a leave without pay status for an entire calendar month. As a result, your premium and the University System contribution have not been paid. Under University System of Georgia policies, your health coverage is not current unless the University System contribution and your premium are paid for that month. In this example, your benefits summary is as follows:

  • The University System’s contribution towards your health coverage is $400 per month
  • Your premium for your health coverage is $100 per month

Under FMLA, you must make arrangements to pay the $100 premium. The University System will pay its contribution of $400.

Employees on family leave without pay may also continue participation in other benefits options (i.e., dental, life, LTD, AD&D) by making arrangements to pay the premiums while not receiving a paycheck.

If you have any questions about your insurance as it relates to Family & Medical Leave, please contact the Human Resources office at your institution.