2024 Benefits for Pre-65 Retirees

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USG Open Enrollment is October 23 – November 3, 2023.  Begin learning about your 2024 benefits by using one of the following resources:

What's New or Changing for 2024

  • Healthcare Plan Premiums

    Retiree Monthly Premium 

    (+/- $ Change from Current)


    (USG Self-Insured Coverage)


    (Fully Insured)


    Consumer Choice HSA



    BlueChoice HMO



    $89 (+$6)

    $207 (+$13)

    $253 (+$25)

    $189 (+$17)

    Retiree + Child(ren)

    $189 (+$12)

    $401 (+$26)

    $486 (+$48)

    $362 (+$33)

    Retiree + Spouse

    $220 (+$14)

    $468 (+$30)

    $567 (+$56)

    $423 (+$38)


    $315 (+$20)

    $668 (+$43)

     $809 (+$80)

    $604 (+$55)

  • Healthcare Plan Designs

    There will be some changes to the copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums across all four USG healthcare plans in 2024. The Consumer Choice HSA and Comprehensive Care plans both offer in-network and out-of-network coverage. For complete details, review the 2024 Comparison Guide.

    You will see some plan design changes across all four USG plans, including:




    In-network only

    In-network only







    Annual out-of-pocket maximum (Single/Family)





    PCP required





    Preventive care

    Plan pays 100%

    Plan pays 100%

    Plan pays 100%

    Plan pays 100%

    Physician office visit/ specialist visit

    You pay 20% after deductible

    $25 copay/ $50 copay

    $40 copay/ $90 copay

    $40 copay/ $75 copay 

    Urgent care

    You pay 20% after deductible

    $50 copay

    $70 copay

    $75 copay

    Inpatient hospital services

    You pay 20% after deductible

    You pay 10% after deductible

    $750 copay

    $600 copay

    Outpatient hospital services

    You pay 20% after deductible

    You pay 10% after deductible

    $400 copay

    $400 copay

    Emergency care

    You pay 20% after deductible

    $300 copay, then you pay 10% after deductible

    $500 copay

    $400 copay

    Your formulary can change throughout the year, so make sure to periodically check your medications against the approved drug list. 

    Keep tabs on your prescription coverage

    Although the formulary can change during the year,  you can expect a number of changes beginning January 1, 2023. Even if your medications have not changed, the list of approved medications may have changed, so make sure you periodically check your medications against the approved drug list. To see the most up-to-date drug list, log into your account with CVS/Caremark or Kaiser Permanente. 

    If you are not currently enrolled in coverage and want to view the approved drug list: 


    Kaiser Permanente: 

    Remember! Regardless of the pharmacy plan that you are covered by, each plan has a list of ACA preventive medications that are covered at $0 employee cost-share, before the deductible. Log into your account with CVS/Caremark or Kaiser Permanente for a list of preventive medications. 

  • Dental Plan Premiums

    Retiree Monthly Premium 

    (+/- $ Change from Current)

    Delta Dental Base

    Delta Dental High 


    $34.22 (+$2.24)

    $42.30 (+$2.78)

    Retiree + Child(ren)

    $65.02 (+$4.28)

    $80.36 (+$5.28)

    Retiree + Spouse

    $68.46 (+$4.50)

    $84.56 (+$5.56)


    $109.52 (+$7.20)

    $135.36 (+$8.90)

  • Anthem Advocate Support

    For all retirees enrolled in an Anthem healthcare plan, customer service and healthcare support will move from Accolade to Anthem’s Total Health, Total You program in 2024. 

    Anthem Total Health, Total You Program

    Anthem members will receive simplified and personalized support through the Total Health, Total You program. Anthem provides access to an advocate to help you navigate your healthcare — they’ll connect you to the right care and resources, at the right time. 

    Your Anthem advocate will help you:

    • Get quick answers to your questions. 
    • Connect with a nurse or health coach for guidance.
    • Find the right healthcare provider to meet your needs. 
    • Access tools and resources in your healthcare ecosystem. 
    • And, so much more.

    All of this is included in your healthcare plan, at no additional cost to you or your family. You can connect with an Anthem advocate by phone, chat or secure messaging

    Connect to Anthem by downloading and registering via the Sydney HealthSM  app.

    How to download the Sydney HealthSM app:

    To get started, have your Anthem ID card ready. 

    1. Download the Sydney Health app and select Register New Account or go to
    2. Select your identification type (this is usually your member ID).
    3. Enter your plan ID number, full name and date of birth.
    4. Follow the one-time security prompt and create a username and password. (Use the same login information on the app and website.)
    5. Review your information to complete your registration.


    Use the Sydney Health app anytime to: 

    • Find care and compare costs.
    • See what’s covered and check claims.
    • View and use digital ID cards.
    • Check your plan progress.
    • Chat with a Health Advocate.

    Download the Sydney HealthSM app today: Register for Your Online Anthem Account |

  • Diabetes Management Program

    For all retirees enrolled in an Anthem healthcare plan, diabetes management programs currently provided through Livongo will be provided through Anthem in 2024. 

Action Required: Surcharge Certification

  • Tobacco Surcharge

    Action Required: Tobacco Certification 

    If you are enrolled in a USG healthcare plan, you are required to complete certifications each year during Open Enrollment. You must certify whether you (and your covered family members age 18+) use tobacco products.


    2024 Tobacco Surcharge

    NOTE: If you don’t certify, you will be charged the monthly surcharge.





    Children 18+ (one surcharge for all children who use tobacco)




    Remember to review your confirmation statement and make any corrections by December 31, 2023, to ensure your coverage and surcharge elections are captured correctly. 
  • Tobacco Cessation

    That’s great! Select the “cessation” option to notify us of your intent to quit.  By selecting the cessation option, you will not be charged the surcharge until April 1, 2024. View the list of no-cost cessation programs and resources available to you. Then, complete a tobacco cessation program of your choice and notify the One USG Connect – Benefits Call Center of your completion of the program. If you stop using tobacco products or complete a tobacco cessation program, you must update your tobacco user status with OneUSG Connect - Benefits at 844-587-4236 to avoid being charged the surcharge. 

    If you do not complete a cessation program, become a non-tobacco user or fail to update your user status, the tobacco surcharge will be applied beginning April 1, 2024. You may update your status at any time during the year, but the surcharge will be removed the first of the month following the date you update your status (e.g., Status update May 15, surcharge removed effective June 1). 

Other Information

  • Confirm your Beneficaries

    Even if you’re not enrolling in healthcare, you will need to add a beneficiary for your Basic Life and/or Health Savings Account. You will need to have your beneficiary’s name, contact information, and social security number.

    • Life Insurance: During your enrollment, you will be prompted to add a beneficiary.
    • Retirement Plan:  Review and/or update your beneficiary information with your retirement vendor. For vendor contact information, visit the USG Retirement website.

    To update your life insurance beneficiaries, log in to or call 1-844-587-4236 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

How to Enroll

To update your USG Healthcare, Dental and Vision coverage or to update your life insurance beneficiaries, visit OneUSG Connect - Benefits, and select Manage My Benefits. If you have questions, call the OneUSG Connect - Benefits Call Center at 844-587-4236. Expert representatives are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

Enroll on the go with the Alight mobile app

Please visit to make sure your password has not expired. Then, download the Alight Mobile app at, App Store  or Google Play for an easy way to enroll on the go and access your USG benefits.

  • Enter University System of Georgia
  • Select Login with your Alight credentials. Your Alight credentials are the same as your login for

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