2024 Benefits for Post-65 Retirees

Get Ready to Enroll!

If you have supplemental Medicare coverage with Alight Retiree Health Solutions or USG coverage, you may want to take action during these dates:

  • Medicare Open Enrollment is October 15–December 7, 2023
  • USG Open Enrollment is October 23–November 3, 2023.

Medicare Open Enrollment 

If you’re satisfied with your coverage, you only need to take action if your Alight Retiree Health Solutions plan will be discontinued or if there are major changes for 2024. If your plan is changing or going away, you will receive a letter from your carrier describing the changes. If you would like to make a change to your plan, reach out to Alight Retiree Health Solutions to schedule an appointment with an Alight Retiree Health Solutions licensed Benefits Advisor.

As you prepare for Medicare Open Enrollment, we recommend that you complete these important actions:

  • Log in to your Alight Retire Health Solutions account. Use the health plan comparison tool to make sure your current plan is right for your future healthcare needs.
  • Confirm that your doctors will continue to be covered under your current plan
  • Review your medications against the approved drug list to make sure your plan will cover your medications and be cost-effective
  • Make sure your address and phone number is up to date in OneUSG Connect - Benefits at 844-587-4236. Do not call your carrier to update your address unless advised by your Alight enrollment counselor.
  • Review and/or update your life insurance beneficiary(ies) in OneUSG Connect - Benefits.

Remember, you must remain enrolled in at least one plan (Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Prescription Part D) through Alight Retiree Health Solutions to continue to receive the annual HRA contribution. 

Important Dates

If you have supplemental Medicare coverage or USG coverage, make note of these important dates:

  • Medicare Open Enrollment: October 15 – December 7, 2023
  • Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription plans: December 7, 2023
  • Medicare Supplement plan changes: December 31, 2023

      HRA Education Sessions:

  • December 13, 2023, at 10 a.m. Eastern time, or 
  • January 9, 2024, at 2 p.m. Eastern time

Making Changes to your Medicare Benefits

Need to make changes to your healthcare coverage for 2024? There are different enrollment periods depending on the plan you’re enrolled in:

  • If you’re enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, you can make changes to these types of plans for 2024 during Medicare Open Enrollment from October 15 to December 7, 2023. After December 7, you won’t be able to make changes to these plans for coverage effective January 1, 2024.
  • If you’re enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan, you have until December 31, 2023, to make changes to these types of plans for plans beginning January 1, 2024. 

To enroll or make changes:

Log in to your Alight Retiree Health Solutions account at or contact Alight Retiree Health Solutions at 1-866-212-5052 to schedule an appointment with a licensed Benefits Advisor.

Watch the Post-65 retiree presentation (Coming Soon)

Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

As a USG Retiree, you receive an annual contribution to a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). This account can be used for healthcare expenses such as Medicare Part B premiums, Medigap, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription premiums, vision and dental premiums and other eligible out-of-pocket costs. 

To be eligible for funding, you must remain continuously enrolled in a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan through Alight Retiree Health Solutions (ARHS).  To learn more about your HRA with Your Spending Account (YSA), visit

Annual HRA Funding

  • For employees hired on or after January 1, 2013: when you retire, the USG contribution to your HRA will be based on your years of service.
  • For retirees age 65 and over, you will receive a percentage of $2,640 up to 100%, based on your years of service.


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Alight Retiree Health Solutions mails an annual HRA funding statement each year. Learn more about USG retiree funding at


  • If you are receiving auto reimbursement for your premiums and your premiums change, your carrier will notify Alight Retiree Health Solutions of the change in premium for 2024. You do not need to take any action. It can take the carrier up to 60 days from January 1 to communicate the updated premium to Alight. In the meantime, you will continue to receive your current reimbursement amount until the update is received.
  • If you submitted a manual claim form to have your premiums recur each month and there is a change to your premium amount, you will need to submit a new claim form with your new premium amount. If you do not submit a new claim form, your current amount will continue to be reimbursed.

HRA Education Sessions

  • December 13, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. ET
  • January 9, 2024, at 2:00 p.m. ET

At these sessions, you learn how to Access and manage your HRA account, get reimbursed, and how to submit a premium or expense claim. To register, visit or call 1-866-212-5052.

Catastrophic Coverage Update

The Inflation Reduction Act included changes to Medicare Part D plans:

  • It eliminates the five percent retiree cost share (catastrophic coverage level) starting in 2024.
  • If you reach the catastrophic benefit stage in Medicare Part D, there will be no out-of-pocket costs.
  • The cost will be paid by the Part D plan.
  • As a result of this change, the Catastrophic HRA is no longer needed.

For more information visit

USG 2024 Open Enrollment – USG Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance

USG Open Enrollment for USG Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance is October 23 – November 3, 2023. The good news is, your current coverage will continue into 2024. However, it is always a good idea to review your current coverage and beneficiaries every year. 

You can change or drop any of your USG coverage at any time, however, you will not be able to re-enroll in the future.


  • Making Changes to your USG Benefits

    If you are currently enrolled in USG Dental, Vision or Life Insurance coverage, you can continue this coverage. 

    • You can change your USG Dental option during USG Open Enrollment or any other time during the year.
    • You can drop your USG Dental, Vision and Life Insurance at any time. However, if you drop any USG plans, you will not be eligible to re-enroll in these plans in the future.  

    To make Changes to your USG Coverage

    New! Download the Alight Mobile App at, the App Store or Google Play for an easy way to enroll on the go.  If you don't log into often, we recommend that you make sure your password has not expired prior to downloading the Alight mobile App. After downloading the Alight Mobile App:

    • Enter University System of Georgia
    • Select Login with your Alight Credentials
      • Tip! Your Alight credentials are the same as your login to OneUSG Connect - Benefits.
  • Confirm your Beneficiaries

    Even if you’re not enrolling or changing your healthcare plans, you will need to add or update a beneficiary for your USG Life insurance. You will need your beneficiary’s name, contact information, and social security number. Contact OneUSG Connect – Benefits at 844-587-4236 or update online at

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