Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)

HRA for Retiree Healthcare Expenses

As a Medicare-eligible USG retiree, when you enroll in either a healthcare plan (Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage) or a pharmacy plan (or both) through Alight Retiree Health Solutions you will receive an annual contribution to your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). Funds are managed by Your Spending Account (YSA). 

How Your HRA Can Help with Eligible Expenses  

A Health Reimbursement Account is an employer-funded account that can be used to reimburse yourself for eligible expenses you have paid out of pocket, such as Medicare Part B costs, as well as premiums for healthcare, prescription drug, vision, and dental coverage purchased through Alight Retiree Health Solutions.  

  • Eligible Expenses

    As long as you have a balance in your HRA, you may use it to reimburse yourself for eligible out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Note: Expenses are eligible only to the extent that they are not paid for by the healthcare coverage you have. In addition, the expenses must be incurred by an individual participating in the HRA.  

    Here’s a complete list of eligible expenses and rules about expenses.

    You can also refer to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 502, available by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM (829-3676) or on the IRS website

  • Enrolling in Your HRA

    Once you retire, you must enroll in at least one healthcare plan with Alight Retiree Health Solutions, within your initial eligibility period in order to receive the HRA. The initial eligibility period is three months prior to your birthday month, your birthday month and three months after your birthday month. If you are retiring at 65 or older, you will have 60 days to enroll.  

    The HRA is administered by Your Spending Account through Aon Retiree Health Exchange. You are automatically enrolled in an HRA as long as you enroll within your initial eligibility period. To access your HRA, simply log in to your Alight Retiree Health Solutions account and select the Manage my HRA link.

    Because you must remain in coverage with the ARHS to remain eligible for the HRA, we recommend that you never change your plan through the carrier. If you do, you will lose eligibility for the HRA. Always call Alight Retiree Health Solutions for guidance.

  • Eligible Dependents

    Your spouse

    If you and your spouse purchase an individual Medicare healthcare policy through Alight Retiree Health Solutions and are eligible for an HRA, you may receive an annual HRA allocation from USG for both you and your Medicare-eligible spouse. You and your spouse must maintain coverage in a plan through Alight Retiree Health Solutions to continue to be eligible for the HRA.  

    Find out more about your HRA. 

    Your disabled child age 65 or over

    In general, your children are not eligible for healthcare expense reimbursement under the HRA. However, if you have a disabled child age 65 or over enrolled in an individual Medicare Supplement healthcare policy through Alight Retiree Health Solutions, a contribution to your HRA will be made on this child’s behalf if your child meets certain qualifications and you report this disabled child as a qualified tax dependent.  

For USG Healthcare plans, the University System of Georgia shares the cost of coverage with you. The USG employer healthcare contributions are based on when you were hired and when you retire, as well as if you are pre-65 or Post-65. To determine which USG healthcare rates apply to you, answer the following questions:

  • Are you a current retiree and/or will you be a USG retiree prior to January 1, 2023?

                If yes, view the Current USG Retiree and those retiring prior to January 1, 2023 section on the Retiree Premiums Page

  • Are you an employee hired after January 1, 2013, and will you retire on January 1, 2023, or later?

                If yes, view the Employees hired on or after January 1, 2013, and Retiring after January 1, 2023 section on the Retiree Premiums Page

Easy Online Access to Your HRA 

To access your HRA online:

  • Go to Alight Retire Health Solution.
  • Log into your account using your username and password.
  • Click My HRA to go to the HRA tab on the Alight website where you can view summary HRA information and important eligibility rules.
  • Click Manage My HRA to go to the Your Spending Account (YSA) website where you can manage current available balances, submit claims and more.
  • Who has access to your account
    • If you are a retiree with an eligible dependent spouse, only you will have access to your HRA. Your spouse will only be able to access and manage your HRA through your account, even if you are under 65 and covered under the USG health plan.
    • If you are a pre-65 retiree, you have an account through Alight Retiree Health Solutions for this purpose. You will need to activate your account online using the account number included on the Appointment letter or the last six digits of your Social Security number. If you need your account number, please contact Alight Retiree Health Solutions at 1-866-212-5052.
    • If you and your spouse are both retirees of USG and had separate healthcare coverage with USG before moving to Alight Retiree Health Solutions, you would each have separate HRAs with separate logons to access your HRAs online. If you or your spouse decides to become a dependent under the other retiree’s healthcare plan, access to the HRA would be through the retiree’s account and not the dependent’s account.
    • In the event of your death, your spouse will become the account holder for the HRA. The HRA will be transferred to your surviving spouse’s account, and your spouse will be able to access and manage the HRA from their online account through “Manage My University System of Georgia Account” as long as they have activated their account. If your spouse does not use or have access to a computer, they can call Alight Retiree Health Solutionse for assistance.
  • Unused Funds in Your HRA

    If you do not use all of your HRA during the year for reimbursement of eligible healthcare expenses, any unused remaining balance is automatically rolled into your next year’s HRA.  

  • Is Alight Retiree Health Exchange the same company as Alight Retiree Health Solutions

    In October 2021, Alight Solutions acquired Aon Retiree Health Exchange. As part of the acquisition, the name, logo, and branding will change from Aon to Alight. However, the services will remain the same. 

    • One-stop shopping, with access to national and regional Medicare insurers.
    • Coverage of all types, including Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, prescription drug, dental, vision and hearing plans.
    • Help evaluating your options, comparing plans and enrolling in coverage.
    • Personal and unbiased guidance so you can make informed decisions about your benefits.
    • Assistance after you enroll, and in the future as your needs change.

    Other than bookmarking the new site, you don't need to do anything as part of this transition. Your coverage and account information will remain the same. 

How to Get Premiums Reimbursed

Remember, you must pay your premium and out-of-pocket expenses first to be reimbursed from your HRA. Review the information below, contact Alight Retiree Health Solutions at 1-866-212-5052 or attend one of the quarterly HRA education sessions. 

  • Requesting Premium Reimbursements

    Depending on the plan you select and the frequency of payment for premiums paid monthly, you can request reimbursement for eligible healthcare premiums in two ways:

    Option 1:  


    If you select a plan that offers the premium auto-reimbursement feature, you just need to opt in at the time of enrollment.  

    No documentation or action is needed. After the carrier has notified Alight that you have paid your premium, you will be reimbursed via check or direct deposit (based on your selected preference). The first premium reimbursement can take up to 60 days.  

    Note: Not all carriers offer the premium auto-reimbursement feature.


    Option 2:  

    Filing a Form for Reimbursement

    If you select a plan that does not offer the auto-reimbursement feature or if you pay in some frequency other than monthly, you can still request auto-reimbursement.  

    You may complete and file a Your Spending Account Claim Form online.   

    • Click the My HRA tab, then the Manage My Account button.
    • From the Account Summary Page, choose Get Reimbursed and complete the information online.
    • Documentation of proof of payment is required. You can upload the documentation or fax or mail to Aon. ]
    • Within 3-5 days of submitting the required information, you will be reimbursed via check or direct deposit (if elected).


    If you don’t want the entire premium amount reimbursed, you can adjust the reimbursement amount received each month and turn on or off auto-reimbursement for specific paid premiums. For Medicare premiums, you only need to submit a Premium Reimbursement claim once for Medicare Part B to continue year after year. 

  • Receiving Reimbursement

    You can receive premium reimbursements in two ways:

    Option 1:  

    Paper Check

    You will receive a paper check for your premium reimbursement unless you set up direct deposit.

    Option 2:  

    Direct Deposit

    You can set up direct deposit online or by calling Alight Retiree Health Solutions at 1-866-212-5052. Either way, you will need your bank account information to get started.

    • To set up direct deposit online visit the Alight Retiree Health Solutions website and choose the HRA tab.
    • Choose the Manage My Account button.
    • Choose Edit Your Profile and enter your bank account information for direct deposit to be set up for your next reimbursement.
  • Proof of Premium Payment

    For Medicare premiums, you are required to provide one of the following each year:

    • A Medicare statement indicating how much you’re paying for Part B each month.
    • A Social Security Administration letter indicating the annual percentage increase and the new Medicare rates.

    If you are not enrolled in a plan that offers the premium auto-reimbursement feature, you will need to file a new claim form to alert YSA if your premium amount changes. Generally, this means you will need to update your auto-reimbursement request annually.

    For other premiums, you’ll need to provide annual documentation showing which type of insurance premium you’re requesting reimbursement for (e.g., healthcare, prescription drug, dental, vision). The following documents are generally considered acceptable forms of proof:

    • Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)
    • Premium Statement
    • Confirmation of Coverage
    • Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
    • Copy of Insurance ID Card
    • Pension Statements
  • Requesting Reimbursement for Other Eligible Expenses

    To receive reimbursement for other eligible healthcare expenses (copays, coinsurance, etc.), you can submit the request in two ways. Remember, you must provide acceptable receipts or other documentation to prove that expenses are eligible under the plan.

    Option 1:  

    Online Form


    Log into your account at Choose the HRA tab and then click the Manage My Account button. From the Account Summary page, choose Get Reimbursed. Follow the instructions to complete the form and submit required documentation.

    Option 2:  

    Paper Form


    Request a paper form by calling Alight Retiree Health Solutions at 1-866-212-5052. Complete and fax or mail the form to Alight along with supporting documentation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I find more information about the HRA?

    If you have any questions about the HRA or how it works, review the Summary Plan Description (SPD) or contact Your Spending Account (the HRA administrator) by calling Alight Retiree Health Solutions.  Additionally, there are monthly education sessions and quarterly HRA education sessions.

    You can also obtain information directly on the Alight Retiree Health Solutions website.  

  • Is there a claim filing deadline?

    Generally there is no filing deadline to submit your prior year claims. However, in the event of your death, your HRA will be transferred to any surviving spouse’s account, and your surviving spouse (or estate) will have six months from the date of your death to file requests for reimbursement of eligible expenses you incurred prior to your death.

  • Is my HRA taxable?

    No, the amount USG credits towards your HRA, and the funds you are reimbursed are not taxable.

  • Am I allowed to contribute to my HRA?

    No, you cannot contribute to an HRA.

  • What happens if my premium changes?

    If you are enrolled in a plan with premium auto-reimbursement, you will not need to update anything with YSA when your premium changes. Instead, your insurance company will submit your new premium to YSA to continue accurate reimbursement. This could take up to 60 days from the new premium effective date. 

    If you are not enrolled in a plan that offers premium auto-reimbursement, you will need to submit a new claim and documentation showing the amount of your new monthly premium in order to be accurately reimbursed.  

    As a reminder, you must enroll or maintain your enrollment in a healthcare and/or prescription drug plan through Alight to remain eligible for the HRA through USG.

  • What happens to the HRA if a retiree or spouse passes?

    Generally, the surviving spouse becomes the account holder, and USG will fund the survivor’s account moving forward.

    If you die while participating in the HRA and your Medicare-eligible surviving spouse is participating in the HRA at the time of your death, your eligible surviving spouse will become the HRA holder as long as he or she continues to meet eligibility requirements. Your surviving spouse will continue to receive a Contribution to the HRA — if he or she continues to meet the eligibility requirements — until the earlier of his or her death or the termination of the Plan.

    If your surviving spouse is under age 65 and participating in the USG Group Healthcare Plan at the time of your death, your surviving spouse will be eligible to participate in the HRA when this individual reaches age 65, becomes Medicare-eligible, and has had continuous coverage under the USG Group Healthcare Plan.  

    Additionally, your surviving spouse must:

    • Be Medicare-eligible.
    • Enroll in an individual Medicare Supplement healthcare policy through Aon Retiree Health Exchange as of the first day of the month in which your surviving spouse turns age 65.
    • Otherwise remain eligible for participation in the HRA.